Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winnie & her sibs

These pages are drafts. My editor is distracted by problems with his computer. While he is unavailable, feel free to suggest corrections.

You may have noticed that both "Gram" and Gladys went by their second names. Gladys told me her grandmother called her "Sally", a common nickname for Sarah but I never knew her to be called anything but Gladys. I have many letters written to Gram and in all she is called Winnie. Her name was Florence Winnie. I have the family bible pages for the James Sykes family and I guess I need to scan them, too.

All four of the Sykes siblings died of cancer. Brest cancer for Gram, bladder cancer for Walter & Marion. I'm not sure about Mabel. James Sykes died of stomach cancer. That may have been why my father was unwilling to treat his heart problem. Gladys lived to 90 but she too had cancer.

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