Monday, March 2, 2009

Richard & Mary Sykes

Much of the research for this project was done when I still lived in Los Angeles. Some of the documents and notes I had seem to be missing so some facts are from memory. I will keep looking for the documents but I have boxes and boxes of photos and papers.
Finding where Mary Wingate Furber fit in the Furber family line was a challenge. It seemed logical that she would be the grand-daughter of Richard Furber and Mary Wingate Furber but I could account for all of the daughters of their sons and she was not one of them.

Eventually I found some information on the web which indicated that she was the daughter of Alice Coleman Furber who had married a cousin, William Furber. Alice had been the child of Richard's first wife, Alice Coleman. She must have liked her step-mother to name her daughter after her.

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