Tuesday, March 17, 2009

John Wagner part II

I think it is time to work on the family history again. A few more pages about John Wagner and then we will leave him. He wasn't in the picture very long and I'm amazed how much I was able to learn about him.
The woman who gave me the pictures was the daughter of the couple below left. Her father was the executor of John's estate and I was able to track her down because her parents had never moved from the house they lived in in 1942. I sent a letter to that address but unfortunately her mother had recently died but mail was still being forwarded to the daughter.
We met her when we were in Chicago and she tried to be helpful. She found a few things that her father had kept which she was glad to give me. Entries I found in an old telephone directory suggested that John and Gladys may have lived apart for a time after the death of the first child.

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