Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy birthday Grandma, we miss you

This post isn't about her, but she would have been 93 today.

I am trying to work ahead on my posts so that I can look at them with fresh eyes before I post. This one needed so much work in the text that I had to start fresh so it may have errors. I try.

I included these pages from the James Sykes family bible for reference. I don't plan to use them on a page but may put them in an appendix. The children's names are interesting. The first child was named Mary Caroline. Mary was the name of James' mother and Caroline Holman was the aunt with which Sarah lived after her mother died. Carlton was the maiden name of Sarah's mother. Was Winnie meant to be a nickname for Winnifred or was it for Wingate, Mary Sykes middle name? I don't know who the others were named for, if anyone, but there was another Mabel Sykes in Chicago perhaps a little younger than our Mabel. She was a photographer and you can find reference to some of her photos on the web.

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