Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Baby, Carolin

Sometimes it's hard to figure how to arrange everything into a smooth narative. Of course, with the blog format it is all backwards if one has not followed it post by post.
This page should probably have been grouped with the previous post.
The old back porch in the upper right, you can see how small it was, that is the railing in the lower left corner of the photo. Later it was removed and a nice deck replaced it. I liked to sit out there.

I don't know why she sent them off to San Francisco, perhaps they were having a spat.

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  1. Hi Martha,

    You've done a beautiful job of scanning and posting this old material. I also have been struggling with how to use the blog format. I learned that the Internet format doesn't allow for dating before 1970, so I attempted to use 1970 for everything before that date, and use months, weeks, days, and seconds to file the posts in the right order. I'm just getting started, so it may be way too cumbersome or create insanity to follow this method. Anyway, yours look beautiful. Once I get a little more paper filing done, I'm going to pitch in on mine. You are inspiring and I'm sure your family enjoys what you've done.