Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family of Three

This house looks very different than the one I knew. No hedge, few plants of any kind. The porch and chimney had to be removed. I'm not sure when it was done. I would guess from photos it was about 1940.

I loved to be the one to burn trash in the incinerator. A cause of air pollution it was banned. Dick seemed to think it was fun to climb on.


  1. I love the pictures of my dad; most of them I hadn't seen before. You're right, the West Knoll house looks very different from what I remember. Mostly because the front hedges and tree weren't there yet, and I never knew there had been a porch.

  2. Matha, I'm a Waggoner (different spelling). I'll have to look through my old family photos and get some up! Very interesting!