Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jimmy at Todd

It seems that Jimmy was at Todd for about three years. He was never clear about it but looking at the captions on pictures it would seem he went to Chicago some time in 1922 and left in 1925. He probably started Todd at the beginning of the school year and left mid-year.
He would occasionally talk of walking to church in the snow and going to the lake.
He was devoted to his grandmother and had little use for his mother. He always spoke highly of "The Aunts", and was nostalgic about his time in Salt Lake City. When we visited SLC he wanted to drive up into Bingham Canyon. That was where he had boarded with a woman he called "Simma". I believe that her name was Mrs. Smith but as he was a very small child he couldn't pronounce it. He kept in contact with Simma until her death sometime in the 1950s.

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