Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Young Jimmy

I was surprised and pleased to find these photos. It is hard to imagine my father as a little boy. In many of these pictures he reminds me a lot of Eric.
I was very surprised to see the inscription saying that the picture had been taken "when he came east with his mother." He had always insisted that he had almost no contact with Gladys until he left Todd. I keep wondering, he told of having been put on a street car alone by Gram when he was quite young, the driver put him off where instructed and while he stood there alone and crying a woman came up and asked him if he was Jimmy; he said that woman was Gladys and she took him somewhere and there was a man there. Could it be that Gladys put him on a street car in Chicago, Christine picked him up and took him to his father?

We'll never know. As he grew older he forgot a lot and reconstructed a lot. Researchers have found that every time we visit a memory it changes a bit when we re-store it.

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